Contact Person for Marigot, Dominica: Dayton Baptiste

Since two years, Mr. Dayton Baptiste is the contact person for the German NGO “Dominica Charity Foundation” in Marigot, Dominica. His job is to help with the customs duties, the transportation and distribution of the donated goods to the Marigot hospital.

Mr. Baptiste will also be of great asstistance together with our charity member, Mr. Hans Hochuli from Switzerland, in the building of two donated houses, starting in the beginning of August 2018, for two needy families in Marigot who lost everything during hurricane Maria on the 19th September 2017.

Our charity is happy for the help and assistance Mr. Dayton Baptiste is giving. Without his help, things could be much more complicated and difficult. On behalf of the Dominica Hilfe e.V., Germany and the Dominica Charity Foundation in Marigot Dominica, we would like to say “Thank You!” for his assistance in this matter.

Freiburg, Germany, August 2018
Mary Sylvester
Dominica Hilfe e.V., Germany
Phone (USA): 1-516-345-8552
Phone Mr. Baptiste: 1-767-295-1527

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